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Good website designs are inspirational. Good websites are powerful marketing tools. We design ubercool websites out of boring HTML. We create awesomeness.

Custom Design

We design websites that are visual treats in themselves. We customize the designs according to the precise needs and wishes of the clients. We code, design and develop websites that marry up brand identities.

Responsive Design

We create websites for both the screen-tapping and key-hitting generations. Our websites are responsive and open within seconds on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

24x7 Support

We are always game for talking about design changes, bringing ideas to the table and for solving the problems that you believe shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

Developing Has Been a Roller Coaster Ride So Far!

Designing has taken many sharp turns since it became the bread and butter for many talented designers. We have been a part of the change and we can tell you that this thing’s terrific!

Mobile Application Development

We have a reputation when it comes to mobile application development because of the excellent results we offer. We give our best effort and performance so as to achieve the overall goals of our clients. We have proficient and competent developers who have a vast knowledge of the various mobile application platforms and frameworks. We handle all mobile phones, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones among others.

Web Application Development

Web applications are very important in running a good business. We use a professional development process for the applications so we are able to handle anything from simple to complex applications that require advanced integration features. We have a team of professional developers who are more than able to build a web application that is effective and affordable. We know the latest and emerging technologies to use for your custom web application so you can stand out from the crowd.


We value client needs by making our dedicated resources easy to hire depending on your specific needs. You can choose to hire the resources on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis or you can choose to go full time to fully aid your long term or short term projects. Whatever your needs, we are flexible and our trained, qualified and seasoned developers and designers will stop at nothing but turning your ideas into scalable, user friendly and effective web software.

Game Development

Whether you want motion sensor games, 3D and 2D games, HD games, single or multiple player gaming apps, you can trust out game development capabilities to deliver beyond your expectations. Our developers create interactive gaming solution for different platforms thanks to their expertise and experience in developing innovative games staged for users to enjoy the plays even over long periods.

Open Source Development

If you want support for smart devices and browsers, then you will love our open source solution. We make open source software available to make any necessary modifications and enhancement so that all your needs are met. We have open source professionals who create solutions to match the different e-Commerce platforms. Just tell us your needs and well will offer the perfect solution for your business.

IT Consultancy

JuTech offer IT consultancy to customers at very competitive pricing. Our consulting solutions and services include information management, security to keep potential threats at bay, storage and availability to optimize server resources and storage, mobile security and others. We use different tools such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Acquia and Xcart.

Embedded Services

We have developed and designed embedded service software for medical fields, automotive and electronics industries as well as aircraft components industries. We have developers and designers who provide the best embedded system software solutions using next generation or latest techniques, thus offering long term solutions to match all kinds of business requirements. We ensure that all your needs are incorporated into the process so that it is easier for us to deliver nothing but the most suited solution for your business.


Mobile apps are the new world currencies. If you have got an app that takes your customers straight up to the shopping cart, you are already leading the pack. We are a herd of design wizards busy at designing apps that speak volumes about brands and brand identities and connect customers with the brands.

Top Services

Massive Security

We guarantee top-tier security on all products. Mobile application, game, software, website – we seal the gate for you.

Game Brand

Talking MMO/MMORPG games? Ask us for all information you need on enterprise packages.

Dedicated Servers

We have customers from over the globe trusting our servers with their lives. We guarantee server satisfaction to the hilt.

Marketing Services

We analyze products, breeze through the paperwork and take ideas from conceptualisation to reality. We have a thing for the bull’s eye.

Why jujju.technology?

Best Design

We design responsive websites that are professional, lightweight and clean. We are all about creating dazzling websites that create an impact.

Quality never miss

We understand how you value quality above all else. If we let you down there, you take a website for free. No questions asked.

Security Protection

Every website we design comes bundled with a free basic protection plan that’s shields you from common internet threats. You may upgrade to an advanced protection plan anytime later.

Full Refund

Nothing goes beyond client satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the work we do for you, you are entitled to a full refund.

Honest and Reasonable Pricing

We Charge our clients for a reasonable price and try out our services, you may measure our honesty level. We have the best market prices that you will find.

24/7 Support

Any time live chat, phone call, email support. We even have after sales support too. Call us anytime you want and you may drop by on occasion. We would not mind.

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